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A "design/build" bid means that we are involved from the original design through project completion. We accept complete responsibility for the entire project. We keep the owner fully informed and simultaneously protect the customer's investment, an approach that saves time and money, and offers a great deal of peace of mind.

The contractor works with the design team (a certified engineer and/or architect) to serve the owner's needs. The advantages:

1. You get early cost input from the contractor because a price is put on conceptual ideas as they are developed. A guaranteed maximum price can be determined early, right after the project scope is established.

2. Construction can begin before the design is completed. For example, the architect could be finishing interior designs while foundation work is underway. This technique is often referred to as "fast-tracking."

3. The need for high-cost change orders is eliminated.

4. Architectural and engineering fees are kept to a minimum, and are determined from the beginning. The same goes for contractor fees.

5. Legal fees are kept to a minimum by eliminating the adversary roles, and communication is approved all-around with a team approach.

6. Construction costs are minimized by using the latest systems, technology and practices, and the contractor can set realistic milestones.

You'll also have access to special services such as a preliminary feasibility study, value engineering or a life-cycle cost analysis. We encourage you to consider design/ build — you could end up with a better result for less money and far fewer logistical headaches.

Other commercial building services we offer include:

• Construction Management

• General Contracting

• Budget Consultation

• Site Evaluation/Planning

• Engineering & Design

• Government Projects/Renovations

• Green Building

• Excavation/Demolition